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Wave’s 1/20 Ma. K Rapoon Part 2: Chips, Panel Lines, And Rust

When it comes to building and painting plastic models, there are two phases of any build that I really look forward to.

First, there is the detail painting. Whether it’s interior of exterior, painting all the little lumps, bumps, and greeblies is always great fun. I’ve even purchased kits simply because it had loads of “surface character”.

But what really grabs me is the weathering possibilities. The more I can make it greasy, grimy, chipped, stained, and generally well worn, the better I like it.

I think that is why I’ve come to love Machinen Krieger so much. While any genre can be weathered how one wishes, few franchises seem to invite weathering like Ma. K does. It’s part of the whole aesthetic.

In this video, I get started on the fun, adding in chips, panel lining, and rust.

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