Deep Thoughts: Passing The Modeling Torch

Scale modeling has always been a part of my life. Early on, I built models a lot. It was my dad who got me started.

In my 20s, I got away from it myself, though I occasionally helped my son with a few models he built. Finally in 2006, when I was almost 40, I fully returned to the fold.

While there are certainly many wonderful hobbies and activities that can involve families and the community, I feel like scale modeling has some great benefits. It’s worth passing on to a new generation.

And for far, far more and better reasons than simply filling contest tables.

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By Jon Bius

Jon Bius is a scale modeler, building models in a variety of genres, including Gunpla, Maschinen Krieger, Star Wars and other scifi. Through his blog and video channel, Jon shares the tools and techniques he uses to produce results than anyone can achieve - and have fun doing so!


  1. Crazy old man… You’re right about passing it on. I build models with my son and it’s been a great experience seeing him grow and improve in the hobby. He’s hooked…

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