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Deep Thoughts: Avoiding The Blues & Recapturing The Fun

The hobby of building, painting, and weathering plastic scale models has really hooked me. I enjoy it greatly, and thankfully I have the opportunity to do it quite often. A patient wife, supportive family, and of course the outstanding patrons, all make what I do possible. I thank the Lord for all of them.

Because it means I get to maximize my fun.

Still, there can be times when the fun goes off the rail a bit. It’s never an intentional thing, but as the TV commercial says, “life comes at you fast.” And when it does, the fun may go with it.

In this video, I share some of the things I’ve learned over the years that help me identify when that derailment occurs – because sometimes it can be subtle – and then I offer suggestions for getting back on the fun train.

So if you’re in a slump, this may give you some food for thought. And if you’re not, it can help you stay out of those doldrums.

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2 thoughts on “Deep Thoughts: Avoiding The Blues & Recapturing The Fun”

  1. Good points. I’ve had a couple of difficult builds that I’m working through. Combined with a stressful job it’s sometimes hard to get motivated and get that fun thing going. Nearing the end of these two builds and I finally see the light!

    I’m looking forward to the next build. Life’s a trip!

    Keep up the good work

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