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Weathering Scale Models – Start Now!

Weathering scale models is quite often a process that presents a roadblock for many modelers. They spend time examining the process through videos, books, and social media groups. Yet actually getting started can seem a daunting task.

I see it quite often online, almost on a weekly basis. People will express some variation of “I need to try and learn to weather my models.” But as with anything else in life, there is a difference between “try” and “do”. Just ask Yoda! 😉

Weathering Scale Models – Getting Started

This video examines some of the obstacles people come up against in their weathering journey. By examining these, I want to make the case that they can all be bypassed or broken down. Getting started on the weathering journey means taking that first step.

I also examine some simple steps that are starting points. None of these require special skills by any means. And all can done with even the most basic of products. Specific weathering products can of course be a big help. Still, if we really examine what they are, it’s all simply paint of some form or another for the most part.

As the old saying goes, the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. it’s the same thing with weathering. The key is to get started, and then adjust and learn as you go. As you master the process, it will make modeling even more fun. You’ll be able to execute in scale form what you vision in your mind. Tackling any project will be easier as your confidence grows.

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