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Advanced Weathering Theory

Advanced Weathering Theory

Advanced weathering theory can mean may things to different people, I suppose. It’s not as if there’s a set list of things, with check marks next to “advanced”.

Think of it like driving. At first, your focus is on the driving itself. Stay in your lane. Stay off the sidewalks. Don’t run into other cars. Avoid going to fast. Or to slow. Stop at the red light.

A new driver is caught up in all the steps.

After some experience, however, the focus on the steps begins to fade. It’s not that those things don’t matter anymore. Rather, they become an integral part of the driving process. Second nature, essentially.

The focus shifts from all the details to the actual reason we drive.

Getting to a destination.

Advanced Weathering Theory – Focusing On The Destination

A few weeks ago I’d released a video about geting started weathering your models. That video was focused on the “getting started driving” steps. Yet just as with driving, a point comes that it’s time to turn focus on the destination.

Like anything in modeling, it’s a process. As we use techniques and products more frequently, our comfort level increases. As that comfort level increases, we spend less time sweating the “how” and “when”. We can start to pay attention to the “why” and “where”.

This video is not really about demonstrating technique or product. Instead, it’s focused on how we think about the process. While the basics of weathering teach us rote steps and application methods, advancement in it asks for a more nuanced approach. It’s a shift from the process and products determining the final look to letting the desired final look determine the process and products.

Just like in driving, it changes from a constant “look down” approach to a “look ahead” approach. The focus is the destination. All the little details are just integral to the process of acheiving that goal.

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