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Painting the Einhyr Champion

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Painting the Einhyr Champion was certainly a fun project! While not the biggest model, it’s packed with details. And it looks really cool too. It’s from Games Workshop, part of the Warhammer 40K Leagues of Votann faction.

The model was painted entirely using To Thin Coats Paints, the new acrylic paints from Duncan Rhodes. In the video, I show using the paints, and at the end, draw some conclusions about them. (Hint: They’re excellent!) Be sure and check them out when they’re available for retail sale near you.

Painting the Einhyr Champion – Paints Used

Two Thin Coats Paints

  • Ancient Forest
  • Rust Orange
  • Fanatic Orange
  • Doom Death Black
  • Orange Flame
  • Trooper White
  • Vampire Fang
  • Ivory Tusk
  • White Star
  • Sir Coates Steel
  • Plate Armour
  • Mythril Blade
  • Curass Leather
  • Sword Hilt Burgundy

Two Thin Coats Paints (con’t)

  • Amethyst Rayne
  • Dragon’s Gold
  • Dungeon Stone Gray
  • Wizard Gray
  • Carcharadon Gray
  • Glistening Gums
  • Boar Hide
  • Fur Cloak
  • Glistening Gold
  • Barbarian Brawn
  • Flesh Wash
  • Dwarven Skin
  • Elven Skin

Two Thin Coats Washes

  • Oblivion Black Wash
  • Battle Mud Wash
  • Flesh Wash

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