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The Last Tuesday Show January 2021 – Featuring ZakuAurelius

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The Last Tuesday Show rolls on for January 2021! I had a lot of fun putting these shows together in 2020, so I wanted to make sure and kick off 2021 with a good one to set the tone for the new year.

As usual, I field a few questions that have come in recently. I do a quick round up on a cool walking tank from the Rocket Models Fist of War series. Some acrylic thinners you may find helpful are examined in a Shop Talk segment.

But who am I kidding – it’s all about the interview, right? 😀

The Last Tuesday Show January interview – ZakuAurelius

It was a great privilege to talk with Zach Rensberger, the man behind the ZakuAurelius YouTube channel. Zach’s been producing content at an astounding rate since 2014. You’ll find Gunpla reviews, modeling tips, build videos, Gunpla News, live stream builds… just about every form of video content you could imagine. His work is really good, and super helpful.

We had a fun time talking about how he got started, how his work has evolved – and yet remained faithful to a simple core of sharing the joy of building Gunpla. I think what impresses me the most is that Zach is very down to earth and matter of fact, despite being one of the largest and most recognized Gunpla voices on the web.

Zach also works for, a great online shop I’d highly recommend checking out. I was able to interview Adam Ryan back in November’s show, so check that out too if you’ve not seen it.

Thank you Zach for taking the time to talk – I really enjoyed it.

And thanks to everyone for your support of this show. I hope you find it fun, informative, and encouraging. I’d be most grateful if you’d share this with your friends too!

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