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Küster! Building Wave’s Maschinen Krieger Model Part 1: Assembly, Painting, And Dot Filters

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I’ve always been in awe of the creative process that artists go through. As I’m not a creative person – I’m simply a replicator – to see the works of a real artist is always a treat. This Küster is no exception.

Kow Yokoyama is an artist, in every sense of the word. He creates art, studies it, teaches it… it is truly a lifelong dedication.

One of the unique things that scale modeling allows the less-than-creative folks like me to do is participate in that art. To be able to hold an artist’s creation in your hands is wonderful. And to then be invited to interpret your own vision of it is truly an amazing privilege.

Building The Küster

I did have a few hiccups during assembly. Some were self induced, while others I felt were simply the result of older processes to make the model. It’s a shame too, because the look of this kit is phenomenal. Still, it wasn’t anything that couldn’t be overcome with test fitting, sanding, and above all – patience. (Which is something I unfortunately was in short supply of for a while. 😉 )

But once those speed bumps were behind me, the sky turned a little bluer, and the fun came back into focus. So if you detect a note of frustration at times, just hang on. Part 2 will take care of that!

This really is a fun kit when all is said and done. The scale, the look, the level of detail – all serve to provide a palette that lets the builder excel at whatever skill level they are at.

And ultimately that is a tribute to the genre’s creator. To have the vision to create these models is amazing.

If you’ve not built a Maschinen Krieger model, be sure an check them out. You can find the Küster over at, as well as other online or brick-and-mortar outlets. And if you’d like some ideas on what else is available, be sure and check out my other Maschinen Krieger builds.

And why not check out the details for Lincoln Wright’s Ma.K 2021 Competition – Be sure to tag your work on social media with #paintonplasticMaKcomp2021.

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