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Italeri’s 1/48 CR.42: Another Day In The Office

Much like the S-2 Tracker I’m working on, this is a commission build model that I’d probably not have done for myself. I’ve read some pretty harsh reviews of this kit, mostly centered around getting the wings aligned later in construction. But that is down the road…

The cockpit builds into a nice little tub. I decided to add some scratch built details, and while my experience in that area is not great, I think now that it is painted, it’s not too bad. Of course, once buttoned up in the fuselage, very little of this will be seen anyway.

The various details are stretched sprue and various other bits of plastic. The seatbelts are some photoetched belts I had in the spares box, and the instrument decals are some of Mike Grant’s excellent examples.

So far, so good. Though I see clouds on the horizon….

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