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Hobbyboss’ 1/72 F-5E Tiger II- 2017’s First Completion

I had the day off from work for New Year’s Day, so I decided to do a “build a kit in a day”, or at least attempt it.

The victim kit was Hobbyboss’ 1/72 F-5E Tiger II. It’s not a bad kit, really. Fit is good. Cockpit detail is a bit sparse, and it sits really low. Four nice options are provided for markings- A Navy and Marine aggressor,  in browns and grays respectively, a Brazilian Tiger II in a jungle scheme, and a Swiss version in gray.

The only real hitch in the assembly was the wing join. It leaves a bit of a gap. However, a good slopping dose of Mr. Surfacer 500 got things back on track quickly.

For painting, a sort of looked at the diagram, saw some gray stripes, and figured that was enough research. I used Tamiya XF-25, 66 and 80, and went with a quick freehand scheme. The colors nor the pattern are correct, but what do you want in one day?

Anyway- it’s finished. The contrast between the two darker grays is not quite what I’d wanted, but it’ll do.

It’s a fun kit- I recommend it for anyone.

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