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Trumpeter 1/48 JL-9- Well, Well, Well: A Tale Of Three Wheel Wells

With the cockpit finished, I completed the wheel wells, gear doors and landing gear struts for the JL-9.

I had a hard time deciding on the color. The instructions called for “light blue”, but photos showed colors ranging from a darkish to medium blue-gray. The photos were all under various lighting conditions and quality, and even with some Photoshop work to get the colors straight, I wasn’t sure what to use. Finally I saw a photo of one of the planes under construction, indoors. Playing with the colors there showed that a more medium gray, with some definite blue tones showing, looked to be about right.

So after putting some Tamiya XF-66, XF-18 and XF-2 (light gray, medium blue, and white) in a bottle and stirring it up, I settled on a color that fit TLAR standards. (That Looks About Right. 🙂 )

I used a little “Spanish style” to highlight the raised surfaces, rather than drybrushing. The various wires were “painted” with a Prismacolor silver pencil. The parts fit together like they are Legos- super precise.

The next step will be closing up the fuselage.

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