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Build Requests
Because I am continually building something for sale on Ebay, I will be glad to consider build requests for kits that you could then bid on. (Of course, just because you suggest it and bid on it doesn’t mean you will win! Keep that in mind. 🙂 ) Please note- I do not build WWII German or Japanese aircraft. I may consider building them in captured/alternate markings. If you’d like to suggest a model build for sale on Ebay, please feel free to email me at jonbius@gmail.com. Interested in a Commission Build? Find out more about my commission build pricing.

Here is what I am currently working on. Most models that are not for a commission build will be posted for sale on Ebay upon completion. If you’re interested in purchasing one of these that are destined for Ebay, please email me. Of course, once they are on Ebay, they go by those rules. If you’d like to have me build a model for you, you can read more about my commission builds.

Planned Builds

Here are a few I have planned in the next few months. (The emphasis being on planned.)
  • Hobbyboss F/A-18D
  • Hobbyboss 1/48 F3H-2 Demon
  • Eduard F-8 Crusader
  • Eduard or HobbyBoss A-4 Skyhawk


  1. Totally agree on your comments on both of these Spitfires! The Airfix kit I prefer, but oh how I hate those landing gear strut attachments. Glad I was not the only one with fit problems with part D33 on the Airfix kit.

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