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Instagram Links

Instagram does not make it easy to embed links in the posts on that platform, so I post the links from there on this page to make things (hopefully) easier for Instagram users. Thanks for following my work!

Jan 30 – He’s big, he’s stompy… He’s Big Stompy!

Bandai’s 1/72 Destroid Spartan: A Year On… Done

Jan 24 – Just about the perfect Gunpla kit!

Jan 17 – We’ll just call them “pew pews”. 😉

Jan 16 – The Pumpkin Spice Gunpla!

Bandai’s Master Grade GM Command (Colony Type): Second Time Around

Jan 14 – Workbench update! GM Guard Custom, AT-AT Walker, and more

Jan 10 – Clear coats! Get your clear coats!

Jan 9 – Today’s #tbt… applying Parafilm M!

Scale Modeling How To: Using Parafilm M

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