Instagram Links

Instagram does not make it easy to embed links in the posts on that platform, so I post the links from there on this page to make things (hopefully) easier for Instagram users. Thanks for following my work!

Oct 17 – Today’s #tbt: Spongering!

Spongering: Adding Paint Chips With A Sponge

Oct 15 – It’s Easy Being Green

Bandai’s RE/100 Zaku II FZ: More Like This Please

Oct 11 – Mediocre Kits Can Still Be Fun

AMT’s Star Wars Jedi Starfighter: The Journey To Paint

Oct 10 – Goodness, Gracious, Great Balls of Fire!

Materials Knowledge: Avoiding The Flying Balls Of Flame

October 8 – Don’t Bael On Me Now

Bandai’s Full Frame Mechanics 1/100 Gundam Bael: The Calm Before The Grime

October 4 – Don’t Lose Your Candy!

Wave’s 1/20 Ma. K Nixe: The Legend Of The Boxy Stompy Robot