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Weathering Olive Drab – Warlord Games M8 Grizzly Medium Assault Walker, Part 2

Weathering olive drab is one of my modeling tasks. I suppose it stems back to my younger modeling years, admiring the color brochures in Monogram kits. One in particular was Shep Payne’s M4 Sherman “Hedgehog”. The weathering on that model was so fascinating to me. To this day I always try to emulate what I saw in that brochure so long ago.

Weathering Olive Drab

The color is well suited for weathering. As it can be “faded” quite well, it allows for great contrast. Chipping, mud, dirt, grime, and fluid spills all show up very well. If rust tones are added, they work well against the OD background. And it just has a classic military look to it.

The Warlord Games M8 Grizzly medium Assault Walker is a fantastic kit. It’s part of the Konflict ’47 tabletop game. It’s an extension of the Bolt Action World War II game. The setting for Konflict ’47 is an extended World War II scenario. New technologies, such as assault walkers, have entered the battle field.

However, even if you’re not a gamer, this is a fun kit that I highly recommend.

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