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Vult Skerris’ TIE Interceptor – A Fun, Quick Bandai Build!

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Vult Skerris’ TIE Interceptor may very likely be something you’ve never heard of. In fact, until I did some Googling, I’d have not been able to tell you what it was either.

I wanted to do a “quick build” on a Bandai TIE Fighter. They’re fabulous little kits. As I’ve already built several of them, I knew I could do so without much fuss. But how many versions of a ping-pong ball with waffle irons on each side can a modeler get away with?

So I searched to try and see if may there was a color scheme that was a bit different. I figured that would be enough to make it legitimate. (At least I hoped so…)

Vult Skerris’ TIE Interceptor

It didn’t take long thanks to Google. I from an animated Star Wars series of a TIE Interceptor that was light gray, with some red adornments. Given that the Empire’s stance on color was “all gray, all the time”, I figured some red would be about as adventurous as I’d find.

At first I couldn’t recall the Vult Skerris character, but after a quick read of a Star Wars wiki, it came back to me. He’d appeared in several episodes of Star Wars Rebels, an animated series that took place in the period about 5 years before Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. It was a very cool series, and one I really enjoyed watching.

Vult Skerris was a hot-shot pilot for the Empire. Without giving too much away, he was the antagonist for a few episodes until he lost. If you want more detail than that… watch Rebels. 😉

Regardless of who he was or what he did, I thought the scheme was cool. So this video shows how I re-created his TIE Interceptor.

Because you can never build too many Bandai TIE Fighters

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