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Using “Super Glue”! A Guide To Cyanoacrylates in Modeling

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Using “super glue” might seem like a subject that doesn’t need much explanation. But you know me. 😉

I can ramble on with the best of them!

But it’s not without reason I think. Certainly the obvious use of cyanoacrylate (CA) glue is simple enough. Apply some to a surface, hold the part to be joined in place with firm pressure, and then wait 30 seconds. Done, right?

Well… maybe. But not always. And is it the best thing to use in some situations.

Using “Super Glue” – Examining The Nuances

Certainly the use of CA glue is essential in many circumstances. Any material that does not respond to typical plastic cements is a candidate. Yet even then, there may be alternatives that are easier to work with.

And while CA does offer a strong bond and fast results, in some cases the fact that it does not “meld” the parts together can be a weakness.

Of course, there’s also “Murphy’s Law of CA Glue” to deal with too. That will get you if you’re not careful.

This video will hopefully “demystify” the use of CA glues for the new modeler. And for more experienced modelers, it may offer some insights into advanced use that will be helpful. As with so many things in our hobby, the use of CA glue is a tool in the toolbox. And not just in the physical sense related to the bottle itself. Knowing the times to apply it (or not!), and ancillary products that can make it more useful will be of benefit to any modeler.

And it’s not just for gluing parts together! I’ll examine some other uses that can be of benefit for just about any modeling project.

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