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The Secret To Hobby Growth

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The secret to hobby growth is really no secret when you get down to it. In many ways, it’s a bit like exercise.

If I wanted to get stronger, I’d need to do several things. I’d probably join a gym, or get some weightlifting equipment. Once that was done, I’d need to decide on some goals, and then set aside time regularly to do the appropriate exercises.

To really see growth, I’d have to keep this up, without fail. Days turn into weeks turn into years. There might be days that I’m not really enthusiastic about it, and others I might be chomping at the bit to start my workout. But regardless of how I felt – unless I was just sick – meeting those workout goals requires a constant, dedicated effort.

The Secret To Hobby Growth

Building scale models in such a way as to improve in the hobby is no different. No one would say “I plan to be a world-class body builder”, and then go to the gym twice a year.

In the same way, a scale modeler needs to invest time in the craft in order to see real growth over time. And just like a gym workout requires various exercises, equipment, and focus, so does modeling.

New techniques need to be explored, application needs to be repeated, observations must be made to determine needed adjustments. And critical in all of this is finding – in many cases making – time for the hobby. I’m certainly not saying we should do so to the detriment of the truly important things in our life – family, work, health, etc.

To personalize it, the question I have to ask myself frequently is “do you want to really grow in the hobby?”

Of course, if you decide that’s not a goal – that’s OK. Sometimes doing something because it is a pleasant way to spend time can be good enough in and of itself.

But if you’re goal is growth, you have to do it regularly.

And what I’ve found is that building on my skills, learning new things, and seeing the results in my models contributes to the most important thing in our hobby – having fun.

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