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Making A Simple Base: Star Wars Legion LAAT/le Part 4

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Making a simple base seemed a bit of an oxymoron to me. I’ve watched plenty of videos about making bases and dioramas. Some, like Luke Towan’s work, is simply stunning. And there are plenty of others on the Tubes of You. The variety is nearly endless, ranging from large pieces like Towan’s all the way down to 28mm bases for miniature figures.

But all of it seemed a bit mysterious to me. I got the “how” part of it, of course. But the “with what” always seemed to get to me. There were so many materials to choose from, and rarely was any of it cheap. And for someone who tends to focus on the models themselves, taking time for basing seemed almost a distraction.

Of course, building gaming miniatures means bases are often a requirement – especially if I wanted to sell my work.

At some point, I recalled doing stuff like this as a kid, back when I had no budget, and didn’t know where to go to get anything for materials.

Yet I recalled my mom showing me a way to do it.

Making A Simple Base Without Leaving Home

Mom had been an art teacher several years before I’d been born. And even after that, she was a very “crafty” person, always making things for the house, and as gifts.

I remembered her showing me a simple way to use things from around the house to make small dioramas for my toy soldiers and tanks. I realized if I could do that as a seven year old, I should certainly be able to do it as a… more than seven years old. 😉

This video explores a very simple and approachable way to make bases for your tabletop gaming models, such as Star Wars Legion, Warhammer 40K, or Age of Sigmar. It would even work on scale modeling dioramas.

And most all of it are things like already in your home – white glue, newspaper, corks, dirt from the yard, and kitty litter. While I use modeling paints for this, even the cheapest craft store acrylics would work nicely.

And it’s simple enough a seven year old could do it. Trust me on that.

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