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Figuring Stuff Out – More Deep Thoughts

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Figuring stuff out if pretty much how I’ve remained employed for the last 20 plus years. After I got out of the Army, my first job was as a web designer for a local newspaper. While I had some basic skills in graphics and coding, I was definitely new to the field. However, so was everyone else I worked with.

Of course that meant I rarely had a lot to rely on when things needed to be accomplished. It was a new job field, and the processes and skills were still in their early stages. Thus, I had to becomes pretty good at “figuring it out”.

As my career progressed meandering through different skill sets and management levels, that notion of “figure it out” stuck with me. While I always tried to ask questions along the way, encountering roadblocks was never really an impediment. It simply meant that I had to roll up my sleeves and apply whatever it is in my head that qualifies as “brain”. (Which ain’t much! 😁)

Figuring Stuff Out

When I got back into scale modeling, that notion of “figure stuff out” flowed right into the new hobby. While I always asked questions, and did my research, I didn’t stop there. I always applied an experimental process, fueled by curiosity, to find out the when, where, and why that remained after the how had been answered.

In doing so, it helped greatly increase my comfort level with techniques, and allowed me to better achieve on plastic what I saw in my head. And THAT led to having more fun – which is the point of the entire hobby. (If not, you’re doing it wrong! 😉)

This video covers the process of experimentation and figuring stuff out that has helped me over the years. I hope you find it helpful and thought provoking in your own hobby life.

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