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Picking Chipping Colors!

Picking Chipping colors my not seem like a big deal. Pick a color and go, right?

Of course, we can do that in any project. But I’ve always felt that if a little more time is spent considering the variables involved. good choices for chipping colors really helps sell the depth of finish. And it also adds to the realism.

Picking Chipping Colors For Your Project

The decision of what colors to use involves several considerations. Factoring in the various layers, such as the underlying material, primer coats, paint and marking, and any decorative elements will dictate the palette to be considered.

But the matter of scale comes into play also. Models of 1/20 scale, for example will be able “read” better with more colors than something much smaller, like 1/144th scale.

Of course, the question can be asked “what does it matter? Pick a color and go?” And that is a valid point. If that’s what makes the process fun for you, then absolutely stick to that.

For me, the fun is not just in the choices though. It’s in the journey getting there. It may involve research, or perhaps diving into lore or even our own imagination to examine what colors would work. As with so many things in this hobby, the fun is often not in the execution and completion of the project. Rather, it’s in the journey, and all the little steps that make up the path to a finished model.

This video will give you some ideas to consider as you think about your own project. It’s not so much meant to be a closed-ended method, but rather the catalyst to further exploration.

And fun.

Because when you get right down to it, that’s what the hobby is all about. Enjoy it – every little bit of it.

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