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Haropla Mobile Haro! Building Bandai’s Silly Fun Kit

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The Haropla Mobile Haro is one of the coolest kits Bandai has ever released. While it’s not a “serious” Gunpla, such as an RX-78-2 or Zaku II, it is a seriously fun kit. It’s simple enough even a beginner could build it, yet offers plenty that an advanced modeler could take advantage of.

And the best part is that no one can accuse you of not painting it right! 😉

Haropla Mobile Haro Silly Fun

It’s a class of kit that I like to call “silly fun”. While so many kits we build are replicas of some thing – real or imagined – this is truly fiction. The model is essentially a 3d plastic canvas, waiting for your interpretation.

For my model, I chose to give it a bit of a Maschinen Krieger twist, borrowing a bit from Kow Yokoyama’s wonderful scifi franchise. I also added parts from other Gunpla kits, and even got some Warhammer 40K into the mix!

The paint was applied via brush, using a stippling method. This gave the model a bit of text, a nod to the Ma. K influence. The laser arm came from another Ma. K kit, while the shield and leg thrusters were part of a Gunpla parts set.

I even gave the little guy a bit of weathering, though not too much. A few streaks, a bit of chipping, a little rust, and I called it completed.

If you’re looking for a kit to build with your child, a niece or nephew, or simply as a fun way to bring a friend into the hobby, this is definitely a great starting point. It’s all push fit, so no glue is required. And it comes pre-colored, so even painting is not needed.

Whatever choice you make for how you finish it, and who you finish it with, you’ll have a great time!

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