BARC Speeder: Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars Legion Fun

The BARC Speeder is one of those vehicles that I had to look up to see where and when it appeared onscreen. It turns out that it was shown in Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith. There was a scene with a Jedi and two clone troopers speeding along on speeder bikes. The two clone troopers were on BARC Speeders.

Unfortunately for the Jedi, that was when Order 66 was given, and things didn’t go well for her.

The BARC Speeder made another appearance, this time with a side car, in The Clone Wars animated series. Anikan Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano were riding them for that shot.

This is the third Fantasy Flight Games kit I’ve built, and it only reinforced my love for these models. They’re easy to assemble, have good, sharp detail, and aren’t complicated in any way. Even if you’re not interested in the tabletop game, the models are worth a look. Quite a few unusual vehicles are available.

BARC Speeder Assembly and Painting

For the assembly, I kept the bike and sidecar separate, which allowed for ease of painting. I also test fitted the figures to see how they could be partially assembled for the same reasons.

Chipping was done using hairspray, and then additional weathering applied over the top. Painting the figures was especially fun. I used a method that was featured in a video from Sorastro’s Painting which made it quite easy.

Had I not been documenting the build for video, I think it would have been a one day project. It really is a quite simple and yet fun process. This would be a great “palette cleanser” kit, offering a break from more complicated builds. It could even be a great way to bring a new modeler into the hobby.

And because it is from the Star Wars universe, what’s not to like about it? 😉

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By Jon Bius

Jon Bius is a scale modeler, building models in a variety of genres, including Gunpla, Maschinen Krieger, Star Wars and other scifi. Through his blog and video channel, Jon shares the tools and techniques he uses to produce results than anyone can achieve - and have fun doing so!

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