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Moebius 1/32 Battlestar Galactica Viper Part 4: Weathering And Finish!

Weathering The Moebius Viper

When I used to build aircraft, which included more than a few Spitfires, friends would ask “Don’t you get bored building the same aircraft?” And my answer was simple – “Not at all. Each journey is different, even if the destination is the same.” It’s been that way with the Moebius Viper kit.

I’d really enjoyed my previous build of this kit, yet I’d also learned a few things that I thought at the time “I wish I’d done this a bit different.” Most of those lessons were in the construction of the kit. I applied them this time around, and it really did help the process.

The weathering steps I used in this video could be applied to just about any scifi space fighter scale model. And I think any modeler, at any level, will be able to use these techniques as foundations to build on for their skill growth. Yet they are also advanced enough that the overall result is a reasonably advanced finish.

Achieving Depth Of Finish For The Viper

Quite often, an advanced finish that has real “depth of finish” to it is less about applying a huge number of different techniques, but rather about focusing on layers of weathering application that differ slightly in color.

As an example, instead of using one color for a fluid leak, applying several variations of the color can represent stains of different ages, and show where they’ve happened over time, and in different intensities. It’s a subtle effect, but the viewer will appreciate it on closer inspection.

I can’t say which one I like better really… both have their own strengths and weaknesses, really. I enjoyed them both, liked both the outcomes, and still wouldn’t mind tackling another one day.

With Spitfires, Vipers, and every other model I’ve built, the joy is in the journey. On to the next voyage!

Don’t forget to check out the entire series for the Viper, which takes you from start to finish!

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