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Building Bandai’s 1/20 Kobu-Kai (Ichiro Ogami Type) Part 3: Grime, Streaks, And Dirt

When I was a kid, I loved playing in the dirt. Whether it was digging holes to play army, riding my bike through the mud to see how big of a splash I could make, or just playing with my plastic army men in the backyard, getting grimy was something that was both fun, and a by product of the fun.

And it didn’t change much when I eventually joined the Army. Digging fighting positions, crawling through an obstacle course, doing PT in the wet grass early in the morning… “self weathering” continued to be something I simply enjoyed.

I suppose it is not the getting filthy that is the appealing part though. It’s the stuff that goes along with it that’s fun.

I guess that is a big part of the reason I’ve enjoyed this Sakura Wars 2 Kobu-Kai kit from Bandai. Sure, it looks cool. And it’s certainly very different from other things I’ve built.

But the weathering is really the appeal. As soon as I saw the model advertised, it was like a pig looking at a waller. (Mud hole… 😉 ) I wanted some of that!

This final part in the Kobu-Kai series finished off the weathering with all the grimes, streaks, and dirt. And the best part is I had FUN doing it! 🙂

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