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Bandai’s HG RTX-65 Guntank Early Type Part 2: Weathering And Finish

Though my Gunpla journey is relatively short – I only started building them in late summer 2017 – I’ve had more fun with these models than anything else I can recall in the hobby. Who knew giant stompy robots could be so fun? 😉

(Yes, I know they’re not robots… 😉 )

Still, sometimes I miss the more gritty, military-type subjects that traditional modeling offers. The weathering and detailing of those kits is quite fun.

I think that’s why I’m enjoying this Guntank so much – it combines the best of both worlds.

In this second video of the series, I go through a detailed examination of the weathering process, showing step-by-step some simple methods to transform your own Guntank from a toy to a colossal clanking cacophony of calamity! 😀

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