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Building Bandai’s Master Grade Char’s MS-14S Gelgoog – Part 4: Panel Lines And Chips

Some models are quite easy, yet may not offer a lot of details to paint or features to weather. Others may be complicated, full of fiddly bits, but with plenty to do in the detailing and weathering department.

But when you find one that is an intersection of the ease of build and depth of detail, you’ve found a gem.

That’s exactly how this Master Grade Gelgoog kit is turning out to be. While it is packed with detail, and plenty of surface to weather, the assembly of it is not much different than a Lego kit. Look at the instructions, grab the part -snap. Snap, snap, snap… and you’re there.

This fourth video in the series gets started on the basics of the weathering foundation – panel lining and chipping.

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