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Building A Gundam: Bandai’s HGUC RX-78-2 Part 12: Dirt, Dust, And Finish!

This video series will cover building Bandai’s HGUC RX-78-2 Gundam kit, starting with getting the parts off the sprue, right through to the final weathering steps. Each video will focus on specific techniques. This way you can follow along with the build through the series, or use specific episodes to focus in on particular elements that can apply to any Gunpla build. You can access the full series on a Youtube playlist.

In this 12th and last episode, I’ve demonstrate adding dirt and dust effects, discuss rust effect, and then take a look at the final, completed model!

When I started this project, I was hoping to end up with a series that would be very accessible for any level of model, allowing you to pick up at a phase that might be some new ground for the builder. Looking back over it, I think I was able to achieve that. This is not intended to be a “Masters Level” type class, but rather a good, solid foundation that can grow and evolve for you.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the journey!

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