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Building Bandai’s HGUC MS-07B-3 Gouf Custom – Step By Step

Bandai’s 1/144th scale HGUC Gouf Custom is one of the finest HG kits you can build! It looks great, the weapons are really cool, there are few seam lines, and it goes together great.

In this video, I take you step-by-step through the assembly, painting, and weathering of this wonderful model. The techniques I demonstrate can be replicated by just about any modeler – novice or experienced.

If you’re looking to get into Gunpla, this is a kit I can highly recommend.

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Here are some additional photos of the completed model!

2 thoughts on “Building Bandai’s HGUC MS-07B-3 Gouf Custom – Step By Step”

  1. Jon, this couldn’t have been posted at a better time for me as I have just started my second ever Gunpla kit and it is similar to this one. I’m going to paint and weather it so this post is so helpful.

    As an aside, I’ve been checking into some of the Gunpla Facebook groups and something that I find very interesting is nobody posts “you know that color should actually be “ “. Everyone really seems be having fun building and supporting each other.

    1. Thanks! I’m so glad you found this helpful. And I hope you enjoy your build.

      It is a very different experience from military models isn’t it? Have fun!

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