Deep Thoughts Gundam Mecha Video

Deep Thoughts: Why I Build Gundam… And Why YOU May Want To Also

While I had built many, many aircraft models over the years, after a while they just weren’t doing it for me. I still enjoyed the hobby, but I realized that my love of things with wings was beginning to depart.

For a while I struggled with it, trying different kits, different eras, different styles… all in an effort to “kickstart” the enthusiasm again. But though I gave it my best effort, I had to face the facts.

I just wasn’t enjoying aircraft.

While I’d considered stepping away from the hobby, I decided to try something radically different as a last ditch effort. I’d heard of these kits called “Gundam”. Everyone told me they were for kids, and were pre-colored, snap fit, and had stickers.

Yet it was exactly all those things that appealed to me. I did plan on painting them, and I figured I could add some decals rather than use the stickers. But the thought that “they’re for kids” really appealed to me. Because that is what I wanted… to build like a kit again.

And so I built one. And that has made all the difference in my enjoyment of the hobby.

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  1. I got my first kit last week from a store near my office before the mayor locked down the town.
    I decided to build it as is, no painting or detailing. So far it has been lots of fun. My only complaint is that I gave to use my magnifying lamp to read the instructions.

    I bet that I’ll be taking it apart and painting/weathering it sooner than later.

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