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Video: Clear Coating For Gunpla – Explained!

One of the most trafficked text articles on my site is one I did a few years ago called Clear Coating For Models Explained. Consistently it comes up as one of the top articles from Google searches. So with my increased emphasis on video, I figured why not squeeze a little more juice out of it and do a video version? 🙂

I decided to take it back to its roots a bit, with a focus on Gunpla. This had originally been written for my now defunct website. When I rolled that content into this site, I made it a bit more generic. Now it has come full circle!

In any event, this video should help a Gunpla builder (or any genre for that matter) get a good handle on the what, when, and why of clear coating your model.

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2 thoughts on “Video: Clear Coating For Gunpla – Explained!”

  1. Hey Jon,

    I’m a big fan of your page, it’s been a big help to me as I’ve gotten into modeling over the last few years. Your videos and photos have taught me a lot about weathering techniques in particular!

    I was wondering if you have a particular flat topcoat you find you tend to like more? I’ve been using Mr. Topcoat flat often, but find that it tends to dull out the weathering effects I do prior to that step. I’ve thought about doing weathering effects after I apply topcoat, but some stuff (like enamel streaking products) tend not to respond well to a flat topcoat.



    1. Thank you so much Jim – I am grateful and humbled! I’m so glad you’ve found it helpful. That really makes my day to read.

      I have used Vallejo Mecha Color Matte Varnish for the last few years. I really like how it works. I thin it down roughly 50/50 with Vallejo Airbrush Thinner, and apply it via airbrush in very thin coats, slowly building it up. That’s the key to avoid “white out” spots.

      The way I account for how it dulls weathering down is to apply weathering a bit heavier, knowing it will be toned down. It takes some practice, but after a while you’ll see how the matt varnish affects various types of weathering, and then you can adjust.

      Another thing I have found is that if you apply weathering over a sating finish, quite often the weathering effects have the tendency to matt down the satin finish, and in many cases a final matte coat may not even be needed. I generally am only applying a matte coat now for models I know I’ll sell, and that may be handled quite a bit. (Gunpla and 40K primarily.)

      So if it will sit on your shelf, and not be handled, consider that option. It has worked well for me.


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