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Scale Modeling How To: Acrylic Streaking

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As I continue to use acrylic products to weather my models, I’m really enjoying the ease of use, fast drying times, and excellent results I get. However, because they do behave a bit differently, the application technique requires a few adjustments. This video takes a look at how to apply Vallejo Model Wash acrylic weathering products.

The method shown here is simple to apply, and it can be used in a variety of ways. At its most basic application, it emulates the results that dot filter applications with oils yield. However, it’s very flexible, and depending on the amount of product applied, and how it is applied, can quickly give your model a worn, grimy look – all in far less time than it takes for oils or enamels to dry.

Adding acrylic weathering products makes for a great addition to the weathering toolkit. 

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