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Scale Modeling How To: Weathering Exhausts

In this video, I’m covering a quick and simple method for weathering exhausts. I’d previously covered this in another blog entry. A few people actually asked about a video for that as soon as it was published, so I’m happy to be able to make this.

My cold was still evident in this one. I’d had to take a hit on my rescue inhaler to breathe well, but it always leaves me a little shaky and “odd minded”. 🙂 So if you notice my fingers jittering a bit – blame the meds! 

As I point out in the video, this method is very flexible. Different orders of application, different colors used – all work towards achieving a similar finish, but with a different result. And it can work in any genre, for any part that needs a metallic yet rusted look. This is definitely a simple but foundational method, and I use it quite a bit.

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