Scale Modeling How To: Weathering Exhausts

In this video, I’m covering a quick and simple method for weathering exhausts. I’d previously covered this in another blog entry. A few people actually asked about a video for that as soon as it was published, so I’m happy to be able to make this.

My cold was still evident in this one. I’d had to take a hit on my rescue inhaler to breathe well, but it always leaves me a little shaky and “odd minded”. 🙂 So if you notice my fingers jittering a bit – blame the meds! 

As I point out in the video, this method is very flexible. Different orders of application, different colors used – all work towards achieving a similar finish, but with a different result. And it can work in any genre, for any part that needs a metallic yet rusted look. This is definitely a simple but foundational method, and I use it quite a bit.

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By Jon Bius

Jon Bius is a scale modeler, building models in a variety of genres, including Gunpla, Maschinen Krieger, Star Wars and other scifi. Through his blog and video channel, Jon shares the tools and techniques he uses to produce results than anyone can achieve - and have fun doing so!

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