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Hasegawa’s 1/48 F-4E: All Marked Up

All of the stickers/decals/dehkuls/maddening-things-soaked-in-water are on. Although, if I’m honest, the decal set was not nearly as many stencils as I see on some jets. So for that I am grateful.

I always scratch my head a bit at applying massive numbers of stencils. To my eye, it makes a model look less realistic, if realism is your standard. Think about it- if you view this model from 2 feet away, that is simulating 96 feet of distance. Viewed from 3 feet, that’s like 144 feet. Factor in glare, reflections, all that other stuff that really happens… I dunno…

Of course, if you take the “I am a giant in a Lilliputian world” stand, then fine, yeah… you can get eyeball close and see all the little details.

Your mileage may vary of course. I’m not saying all of this to espouse my point of view as right, but rather as an observation. (And to get this article long enough to have reasonable SEO results. 😉 )

Truth be told I simply despise the little devils because they are so TEDIOUS.



But they’re on. It’s a hodge-podge of kit decals (awful) and some Revell decals (Ed Grimly variety… “rather decent I must say”), as well as a few that I don’t know the source. The markings are actually for the guy who was the back seater in this aircraft, as it’s a commission build scale model. (See… more SEO. 😉 ) It makes it kind of fun to know this just isn’t any aircraft, but the one for the guy who was actually thundering around Germany in it. My 10 year old self heartily approves. (The 10 year old Jon grew up near an Air Force base full of Phantoms phlying phor many hours- which was phun to see.)

The next step will be the weathering, which will be light. More of a fade and light streak job than anything, although a few stains will be present. (I have photos!)

Overall, this is not a bad kit. I think once it’s all together, it may look like an F-4E!

1 thought on “Hasegawa’s 1/48 F-4E: All Marked Up”

  1. Looks Phabulous, Jon. 😉 Nice job and good to see you building a jet again. Neat backstory on the build. Did the rear seater have any pictures of this Rhino that you were able to use for reference?

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