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Italeri’s 1/48 CR.42: Well, It’s Done

The little Italian fighter is finished. I can’t say this was a difficult build for the most part. It all fit pretty well, and the detailing is decent enough. It’s just a typical Italeri kit. Not bad, not great. It’s somewhere between Special Hobby and Airfix. Aside from the tedious process of putting on those decals, it was a good build. It’s not my best result, but it ain’t my worst.

But- I am tired of biplanes where the manufacturer basically just gives the modeler a big raspberry and a middle finger and says “here’s some strut like shapes- hope they work out for you!” Yes, it can be built, mostly straight and square. But why not put a little bit of engineering work into it so that it’s not a maddening fight to figure some way to get all those sticks lined up? It’s possible- the Tamiya Swordfish proves it. Revell’s Stearman proves it. (C’mon… if Revell can do it…)

Anyway, grumbling aside, it ain’t a bad little kit, and it looks like a CR.42 when you’re finished.

Now on to things with only one level of wings.


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