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To frolic in the clouds

We all have regrets I suppose. The job we could have accepted. The job we shouldn’t have accepted. A decision, a mistake, something that costs us or someone we love dearly. We all have them.

Do a Google search for quotes about regrets and you’ll find the wisdom of this world varies greatly with regards to regrets.

Of course, letting your regrets motivate you turns them into lessons. Letting them fester turns them into wounds, and those wounds often do not heal.

And some are bigger than others. Many people have regrets about monumental things. Things that haunt them for life, even if they are only dim echoes in the recesses of their mind.

Yet I think there are some fond regrets. Regrets of things simply not done, for no grand reason other than it did not just work out that way.

Watching this video really crystallized that for me. Since I was a child, I’ve had this gnawing dream, a dream of flying effortlessly through the clouds. For many years I had it frequently. Over time, it has dimmed, faded, ebbed away. I no longer have it, really. I can recall it- how vivid, how real it was. At times it was so strong I would wake up feeling as though I’d fallen into bed from a great height.

I always wanted to fly a jet fighter.

It never really worked out. My vision, my decisions, my laziness- all those and more contributed to a process that meant I never even attempted to run that race.

I have done cool and exciting stuff. Jumped out of airplanes. Been places where people aren’t happy with me and my friends, and expressed it by shooting at us. I’ve shot big guns and little guns, and blown stuff up. So I can’t say I didn’t try to reach for those exciting moments.

I just reached for the ones that were not so distant.

And as I watch this video, as the pilot twists and turns and frolics in the clouds, I must admit I feel some regret at never pursuing this dream- the one I had from childhood. I let my fears and doubts and the obstacles I encountered channel me in a different direction.

Whoever you are, Francis, thanks for filming this, and sharing it with the world. Though I regret that I will never truly experience what this feels like, I’m glad to know you, and others, have.

I’m glad to know someone has frolicked in the clouds.


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