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And Then There Were Really Four- Boeing Unveils Its T-X Contender

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Boeing finally fully showed its contender for the T-X competition, and it looks pretty sweet. They’d previously showed some teasers, but not the full aircraft. Of course, looks don’t win this competition. Whoever wins will have to show they have the horsepower to take the prize.

Boeing concept image from 2013-ish

Boeing concept image from 2013-ish

I’d seen a concept illustration from 2013 that showed an airplane similar to this. It was a twin tail design as this is, but the tail surfaces were at a shallower angle, and there were no horizontal stabilizers. What was unveiled is much more conventional.

Boeing put a new CGI generated video on their site, and I grabbed a few screenshots from that. has a some additional info that is worth a look.

And yes, I did use their images- but I hope they are nice enough to allow it, since I make no money off of this, and I am a subscriber, and I think they are great folks who are clever and intelligent and look fabulous in that outfit. Yes you do! And I urge you, dear reader, to subscribe also. 🙂


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