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Labor Day 2016: The Chinese New Fighter Is Moving Along

Progress on my Labor Day weekend project, Trumpeter’s 1/72 J-10 “Chinese New Fighter”, is moving along nicely. While the cockpit is simple, it’s adequate. I used kit decals for the instrument panel and side consoles, and some simple tape belts on the seat. If you’re wondering why the belts are purple, it’s because the best reference photo I found showed purple belts. Odd color, but certainly a departure from the typical.

The fuselage went together well. I did have to use some Mr. Dissolved Putty to banish the seams to Mr. Smooth Land. The wings were a similar story. Test fitting the wings to the fuselage shows there will be a fairly nasty gap, but it won’t be difficult to deal with.

The gear bays had some basic raised detail, but no plumbing. The landing gear struts look pretty good though. Who looks at the bottom of the model anyway?

I’ll be loading this one up on all stations- four missiles and three drop tanks. So it will be fairly crowded underneath.

I’m waiting to add the air intake and nose cone until after I get the wings and canards on. That way I can test the center of gravity, and add weight to the nose to account for it.

I found some decent reference photos of the exact aircraft I’m modeling (#1013), from several angles and in different configurations, so that’s been a help.

I think I’ll be able to finish this before the long weekend is over.

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