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T-X heats up: Northrop Grumman’s entry decloaks

Northrop Grumman’s entry into the Air Force’s T-X program has been spotted. As far as I know, this is the first public sighting. While the Lockheed Martin T-50A and the Raytheon T-100 have been seen, this is a first look at Northrop Grumman’s entry. The former two are relying on existing airframes for their entries, while N-G and a Boeing/Saab entry are both “clean sheet” designs.

If you ask me, it looks like someone pulled out the old F-20 blueprints. The lines are very similar. Of course, that makes sense. The F-20 was one of those “greatest aircraft that was never built” airframes. Or maybe an old engineer at on the design team just got nostalgic and wanted to see the F-20 lines.

Either way, this new aircraft, currently referred to and the Model 400, is an exciting addition to the T-X program.

Now only the Boeing/Saab entry is still in hiding, another clean sheet design. And given that Boeing teamed with Saab, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if we see some Gripen lines in their entry.


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