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Tamiya’s 1/48 Swordfish Mk. I- Don’t Try This With Any Other Kit

I felt some trepidation going into this build. Biplanes and I do not get along well. (Especially Stupid Gladiators, but I digress.) The only reason I took this build on was because it was Tamiya. Their engineering is top notch.

Or so I told myself.

And to further compound the insanity, I read several build reports that suggested building the outer wing sections separate from the rest of the kit, and only gluing them on after painting, etc.

I told myself I was nuts for trying it that way, but I plowed ahead.

And color me surprised- it seems like it will work fine.

I wouldn’t suggest this method with any other manufacturer. Not even Eduard, who is breathing down Tamiya’s neck for precision engineering. (And I think they’ve surpassed them in surface detail.)

But here it is- the parts just slide together.

You can’t go wrong with Tamiya.

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