The F-35 is declared operational…. sort of….

Combat Aircraft is reporting that the F-35’s first squadron has been declared Initial Operating Capability- IOC. Of course, how close to actual combat ready the airframe really is may be up for debate according to some sources. How accurate that report is, I don’t know.

That’s been part of the problem with keeping track of the F-35 program. While there have certainly been some problems, at this point, it’s hard to filter what is actual problem, and what is simply “haters gonna hate”.

I’ll admit- I’ve not been a fan of the project, but as it gets closer to FOC (Full Operating Capability), things are coming together.

And I hope it continues. We have no choice. This thing has to work.

(Image from It’s a great magazine that I highly recommend. Subscribe here.)

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By Jon Bius

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