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Building a jet: Hobbyboss’ 1/48 AMX A-11A Ghibli- Gearing up

As I work through this kit, I continue to be impressed with its fit. Hobbyboss has always produced good fitting kits. Unfortunately, the same hasn’t always been the case for their accuracy. So it’s been a happy experience as I search through reference photos to see that, so far, they seem to have gotten things generally right, at least the areas visible in the photos I have been using.

I decided to finish the landing gear parts as a complete subassembly. The gear bays will be added into the fuselage, of course, but I’ll depart from the instructions and add them after the fuselage has been finished.

The kit comes with vinyl ties, and while I am not a fan of those, I will say these are about the best I’ve seen. There is no giant mold seam down the middle at all, and they fit quite nicely over the hubs. I’ll wait until the end to do some minor weathering on them so they don’t appear so monotone and stark.

Next up will be the cockpit!

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