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In Progess- Alley Cat’s 1/48 Spitfire Prototype

I’ve got the paint on the resin Spitfire Prototype kit. I used Vallejo metal for the underlying coat, and then Tamiya XF-4 thinned with Future to get a semi-transparent primer coat on the parts that had it. I’m not sure about the color of the lower cowl panel. The instructions say it should be a reddish color, and I’ve not found anything definitive to counter that. Black and white photos do show that panel as being much darker, but dark red just seems odd. Still, I figured it the absence of any other data, I’d go with conventional wisdom.

This is a very nice resin kit. It gets more of the little details right than using the Tamiya kit and the Pargaon conversion. Still, the more I research K5054, the more I find I should have done different even on this kit to get a truly accurate example. Oh well… always next time.


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