In Progress: Airfix’s 1/48 Hurricane Mk. I- Decals are on

The Airfix 1/48 Hurricane Mk. I has its decals. The markings are fairly simple. The aircraft operated from Malta in Dec. 1940, flown by Sgt. F. N. Robertson of 261 Squadron. Decals are from Aviaeology’s Vital Storm Pt. 1 set. It’s a good set, though I only used the aircraft code and serial number. The kit’s roundels and tail flash looked very good, and I wanted to preserve the aftermarket ones for later use if a kit did not have good roundels. Also, I assumed the kit fin flash would fit better, as it was made specifically for the kit. (Of course, the aftermarket set may have fit perfectly too.)

Despite the less than stellar start to this kit, I am happy with how it is ending up.

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By Jon Bius

Jon Bius is a scale modeler, building models in a variety of genres, including Gunpla, Maschinen Krieger, Star Wars and other scifi. Through his blog and video channel, Jon shares the tools and techniques he uses to produce results than anyone can achieve - and have fun doing so!


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