Completed: Eduard’s 1/48 P-39L

I finished up this great little kit, and it was a lot of fun. Eduard did a wonderful job packaging this one- their very nice P-39 kit, a phototch sheet, and a superb decal set from Cartograph with 5 options. And you can get it for $21.59 from Even for a few dollars more, this kit would be a bargain.

No real trouble assembling it. It’s not shake and bake, but you won’t encounter any drama building it. Just pick a marking option and have fun!

By Jon Bius

Jon Bius is a scale modeler, building models in a variety of genres, including Gunpla, Maschinen Krieger, Star Wars and other scifi. Through his blog and video channel, Jon shares the tools and techniques he uses to produce results than anyone can achieve - and have fun doing so!

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