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New Magazine: Replikator

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I’ve “discovered” a new modeling magazine. It’s an online only format, distributed as a PDF, so it can be read on virtually any device. The best part?

It’s free.

Replikator Magazine is published bi-monthly, and though it’s a free publication, it has the quality of the paid magazines. I think it’s quality and depth actually exceeds some paid publications.

The usual build reports are there, along with features on museums, hobby shops, walk arounds, new kits, and techniques. Some unusual additions are sections devoted to food, movies and music, as it relates to modeling and modelers. I think that’s kind of cool, as it recognizes that the world of scale modeling is a subculture all it’s own. (Yes, it’s a subculture populated mostly by grumpy middle aged men in stained t-shirts sitting alone playing with plastic toys between trips to the bathroom… but I digress…)

A highresolution version is available for your PC, and a lower resolutions version is also available for your tablet. (Although I found the tablet version plenty good for my PC.) The most recent issue (June) has 75 pages. So it’s not thin on content, as some Scale Modeler magazines are getting to be, Fine as they are.

The only drawback I see- and this may seem an odd observation- is there are relatively few ad slots sold. As a reader you may think “Yes, but that is a good thing, as it leaves more room for articles.” True enough. But as a refugee from the print and online media world, I can tell you they won’t be around long if they have no ad spaces sold. I don’t offer that observation as a criticism of Replikator. I’m sure they’re doing their best to sell ad space. Hopefully, modelers will make enough noise about it that advertisers will see it as a viable place to promote themselves, and we can continue having this great FREE publication as a resource.

Check it out today!

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