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Model Contests: Robbing the hobby of fun?

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I’ll admit it upfront- I don’t enter contests. Ever. Never have, and never will. I realize many people do. Fine, wonderful…. to each his own. But the more I observe modelers and how they relate to their hobby, the more I have to ask the question- do contests take away the fun for many modelers?

I don’t know how many times I’ve read on a forum where a modeler will be happily building along, and then they get to a flaw in a kit that they can’t overcome to their satisfaction. And they’ll say something like “well, it’s not contest worthy…” and then >poof<…. the joy of the project seems to be gone.

I’ve seen grown men cry (literally) because they didn’t get the award they desired. I’ve seen friendships ruined. I’ve personally been threatened, had phone call hang-ups, and been sent harassing emails because of some decisions I made as a contest chairman one time.

I guess I view modeling as much as an art form as anything, and I don’t see much point in contests. So it really puzzles me to see something be such an emphasis for so many modelers, yet it seems to make so many unhappy.

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