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Unpleasant ordering experience:

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As most modelers do, I often order modeling products from online sources. Whether it be paints, kits, decals, various supplies or tools, the interwebs have opened up a vast opportunity to find just about anything you need. For the most part, my experiences have been good. Whether it’s ordering from an individual on Ebay, or from a large mail order company, I’ve not had any real problems. Sometimes a package may get delayed, or there may be some confusion over stock, but in every instance, with every vendor, I’ve either gotten what I originally ordered, or the vendor made good on the purchase in some form or fashion.

Then I placed an order at

I have an upcoming commission build, and the customer has asked for a 1/48 Planet Models XP-60Q. This is a very hard-to-find resin kit, so I was surprised to see it listed as in-stock at And at a fairly reasonable price, too.

The store’s information said it’s based in Texas, and it talked about how they were focused on fast shipping. Here’s a quote from their About Us page:

There are websites that have great customer service, and there are other sites that try to have low prices but they kill you with the shipping costs!  This site is all about being lean and mean.  We don’t offer frills or fancy customer service, what we offer is killer prices and FAST, FREE Shipping!  We won’t be beat by anyone. 

Well, it sounded good…. so I placed the order. I quickly received an acknowledgement of the order, so I thought all was good.

After several days, however, I had not received any additional word about the order. No shipping notice, no updates, nothing. I checked the website, and the order was still listed as processing. OK, no problem, I thought… I’ll just send an email to inquire about an estimated ship date. (They do not list a phone number on their site.)

So I sent an email to the address on their Contact link. And waited. No response. At all.

After a few days had gone by, I logged into their store to check on my order. It was gone. No record of the order at all in my account. It wasn’t cancelled, postponed, or anything like that. Just gone. Like it never happened.

So I emailed again, just basically asking about it’s status. No typing in ALL CAPS, no threatening words… just the same message… “Hi, Could you update me on the status of order #896? Thanks”. That was the basic message.

And still no response.

This morning, 16 days after placing my initial order, I emailed again. I simply replied to my original acknowledgement of the order that I received when I placed the order July 25th, and asked- again-

Could you give me an update on this order please? Thanks for any assistance you can provide.
Have a great day-

No caps typing, no tough talk or threats, just a simple, reasonable request. We’ll see if I get a response.

Suffice to say I won’t be ordering from anymore. While their claim of fast shipping didn’t hold water, or the claim about not being beat by anyone (unless somehow the kit from Texas shows up before the kit from the Czech Republic), their claim about frills or fancy customer service was true. So I guess they get credit for that. It’s just probably not the part you want to get credit for.

Thankfully, they have not charged my credit card.

I did, however, find the kit I was searching for on the manufacturer’s website. It cost considerably more, and had to be shipped from the Czech Republic, but I placed the order, and after a couple of days, it was listed as “shipped”.

The way it’s supposed to be. You know…. you place an order, it gets shipped. A simple concept might look in to.

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