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A Jug for the winter: Hobbyboss’ 1/48 P-47D

This is Hobbyboss’ 1/48 Easy Assembly P-47D. It’s a stablemate to their 1/48 P-40M and P-51D. Of the three, I think this is the best kit. It looks the part, is easy to assemble, and it’s pretty cheap. It yields a decent looking Jug without any problems.

The only two nits I really had with the kit were the incorrect cockpit opening shape, and the fact that the engine is molded in the cowl. The former is only a problem if you wanted to do an open canopy build. However, the kit has a one piece canopy, so that’s not a problem. The latter, the molded in engine, adds a little complication to the painting. But neither are serious problems, especially given the kit’s price. ($15.79 at ScaleHobbyist.)

The scheme is a bit unusual- it’s a winter scheme that was on the plane in the Battle of the Bulge time frame. The underlying scheme is ocean gray and dark sea gray over light blue. I read four different sources that all conflicted regarding the color scheme for this aircraft, so I picked the one that interested me the most and went with that. The winter overspray is based on a pretty thorough but grainy set of images that I believe are taken from a a film made of the airplane.

Overall I’m pretty happy with it, as it’s an unusual scheme that you don’t see very often.

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