150th Model! Airfix’s 1/48 Spitfire Mk. XIX

This kit is my 150th build since getting back into the hobby in February 2006. And it’s my 53rd Spitfire build!

The kit itself is great… no complaints about it. I ran into problems with the paint.. I used Vallejo Model Air PRU Blue. It turned out to be the most fragile paint, even after putting a primer coat on AND overcoating it with Future. It would scratch or rub off if you looked at it. I compounded problems by trying some different things to try and weather such a monotone scheme, but they didn’t really work out. Eventually I just got frustrated with it, glued the final bits on and gave it a flat coat.

Oh, and to top it off, I had some decals from Kits World standing by for this one, because I thought I had picked a fairly unique scheme. I get the decals on Saturday… then Monday Brett Green posts his in the same markings. (Maybe he was spying on me? 🙂 )

I’m going to have to build another one of these soon and use Tamiya paints, which I like much better.

It’s a great kit, if a bit boring visually. Except for a Turkish bird that is green over light blue, it’s pretty much PRU Blue or MSG/PRU Blue for everything and anything.

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