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The Airfix Club 2013 Kit

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I’ve received my 2013 Airfix Club kit, and it’s another nice one. This time it’s three 1/72 scale kit- a Spitfire Mk. Vb, Hurricane Mk. IIb, and a Tomahawk IIb. This year’s boxing it titled “Under The Red Star”, as the markings for all three kits are Russian.

The Hurricane and Tomahawk are both new-tooled kits from Airfix. I’ve built both, and they are quite nice. The Spitfire is their older kit, but I’ve built it, and it’s a very nice kit also. A very nice and thorough decal sheet is provided, with full stencils for each aircraft. Color painting guides are provided for each aircraft. The instructions are a single “booklet”, with a different “chapter” for each model.

I love the Airfix Club, mostly for nostalgia reasons. I loved being in model clubs like this as a kid, and having the whole membership card and pin and so forth still seems like fun to me. the grumpy old guy who worries about bills and doesn’t like traffic seems a lot further away when this box shows up each year, and the ten year old in me can come out and play.

If you’d like to sign up for yourself, just visit Airfix’s website!

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